planting tips

Proper selection and placement of trees can eliminate potential hazards and improve the appearance of your property.

  1. Plan ahead so tree trimming can be minimized in the future.
  2. Please don't plant trees directly underneath power lines or too close to electric facilities  for your safety, too!
  3. Consider planting dwarf trees or shrubs that won't grow tall or wide enough to threaten power lines. Ask your local nursery to suggest appropriate tree species.

Planting a tree

  1. Make hole five times the diameter of the root ball
  2. Never plant so that the stem is covered with soil
  3. Position tree perpendicular in the ground
  4. Water thoroughly
  5. Mulch with wood chips, bark, leaf mold and other organic matter

Follow the 50/50 rule by planting trees that grow to 50 feet tall, more than 50 feet away from power lines. (Examples: pine, fir, spruce, maple, birch, ash.)

More information on planting trees and shrubs: