Usage and Safety 

Distribution Lines

The power lines that deliver to your homes and businesses. 

5 Year Maintenance Cycle

As part of our Tree Care Program, we recently completed a 5 year cycle (2009-2013) of tree work that has significantly reduced tree related outages in the communities we serve.  2014 was the start of our second five-year program to prune trees along every mile of our distribution lines – that’s more than 24,000 miles of wires!

To provide you with reliable power, we prune branches that could interfere with power lines. In addition to improving power reliability, we trim to provide a safe environment for the public and other utility workers. Our licensed arborists coordinate with qualified tree crews as well as local towns to make sure the job is done right. 

pruning trees – vegetation that may be encroaching, within 8 feet to the side and 15 feet above, of the power lines.

removing trees – dead, dying, diseased,  and leaning trees within 14 feet of the lines

Hazard tree program

97% of the tree caused outages come from trees that are beyond CMP's Maintenance Specifications. We focus on trees that may cause an outage before the next cycle pruning.

pruning trees – trees that may have grown into the lines (hot spot), lifting or trimming long limbs above the lines; weak, dead, dying, diseased or structurally weak limbs.

removing trees – dead, dying, diseased trees that may interfere with the power lines. Trees that have compromised root systems, structural defects, heavy lean toward the lines, or are in a poor location that may effect the power lines.


did you know?

We've reduced tree-related outages by 30%.

We will continue our responsible tree trimming for the next 5 years.

It's the key to providing safe, reliable electricity delivery service to you!