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Perhaps you’re ready to light that dark street that no one wants to use at night?  Would you like to light up a dark corner where pedestrians might not be seen crossing the street?  How about parking lots, public buildings and recreational areas — nothing boosts safety and security more than improved outdoor lighting.  And at CMP, we can help.  Our Outdoor Lighting Program provides hassle-free maintenance and repairs for you.  You can rest easy knowing we’ll take care of your lighting.  Click the town links below to see the results!


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Four 175-watt  Metal Halide (MH) Granvilles on 10-ft Salem poles.

“The town has received many compliments on the new ornamental lighting recently installed on Cony Street.  The luminaries and posts are physically attractive and the lighting delivered is excellent.  Tasha Raymond at CMP was very helpful in facilitating this installation and we’re now interested in upgrading our other ornamental downtown lighting units which have been in service 20+ years.” 

 — Steve Kaiser, Code Enforcement Officer, Farmington


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 70-watt Cobra head High-Pressure Sodium


“We love the light.  It illuminates the parking lot at the town office very well.  Many of our meetings run well after dark and it’s nice to be able to get to our cars safely.  It also lights up the front entrance to the town office.”
— Kathleen Ann MacLeod, Town of Friendship


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  Fifty-watt High Pressure Sodium Radial Waves


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Thirty-one 100-watt Sodium Post Top lights on poles owned by the town of Lisbon


We contacted CMP with concerns about the safety of our streets.  CMP’s Outdoor Lighting Program was the answer to our needs.  We have received many positive comments from our townspeople that they feel much safer at night — and the lighting really adds characteristics to our downtown area.”
— Steve Eldridge, Lisbon Town Manager

 Livermore Falls

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Livermore Falls has 13 250-watt Metal Halide  Esplanades with 13 West Liberty Slipfitters. Eleven are on West Liberty 6’ arms. The other two are on Esplanade brackets for wood poles.


“We are absolutely thrilled with the results.  The new lights are functional and beautiful.  They add character to our down town area.”
— Martin Puckett, former Town Manager, Livermore Falls

Maine Mall - South Portland

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CMP installed 35 400-watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Mongoose floods on Payne Road, South Portland to provide better lighting and visibility for several retail stores

Mechanic Falls

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 One 250-watt flood light


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Four Granville ss 70-watt sodium green light fixtures on the Damariscotta/Newcastle Bridge.


“Streetlights are very important for vehicle and pedestrian traffic in any town.  Central Maine Power Company’s service is always fast, and I appreciate their initiative in replacing the old technology with new lights when a problem is reported.  Their fast response makes my job easier and the citizens happy.  In addition, their Account Managers will do anything to help solve a problem.”
— William S. Post, Former Town Manager, Damariscotta

“Energy-efficient lighting makes the bridge safer to use.  The traditional fixtures honor the historic village of Damariscotta while making the entrance to the village more pedestrian friendly.”
— Greg Zinser, Town Manager, Town of Damariscotta



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Eleven 175-watt Metal Halide Esplanade fixtures


“CMP’s Lighting Expert was very accommodating and knowledgeable when he came to assist us with the town’s lighting needs.  He handled all details in a professional manner.  CMP helps us make our project a success and we won’t hesitate to call them for any future lighting improvements.”

— Mike Roy, former City Manager, City of Oakland


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Eight  175-watt Metal Halide Esplanades - Ocean Gateway Parking Garage also had 9 of these installed.


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Five 150-watt sodium Grandville fixtures


“We’re very pleased with the outdoor lights.  We always receive positive compliments on the appearance of the lights at the Water Front Park area.  This was a major step in enhancing the park for the town and townspeople and CMP helped make it happen.”
— Dave Peppard, Richmond Town Manager


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Fifty-nine 175-watt  Metal Halide Esplanades and 10 70-watt Metal Halide Granvilles


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Twenty-six 150-watt radial waves with brackets on Maine Street in Topsham


“CMP’s leased/decorative lighting has completed the overall character of our downtown redevelopment projects.”
— Gary L. Brown, Town Manager, Town of Topsham


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One 250-watt sodium flood and 1 150-watt cut-off luminaire fixture


“We contacted CMP to put area lighting outside our town office to make it safe for anyone using the building after hours, and to deter any vandals who take advantage of dark buildings.  An added bonus is that it lights the area where we proudly fly the American flag 24 hours a day.  The area light works very well and illuminates the entire outside parking area, lawns and flower beds, and the building very well.”
— Sharon Moody, Town Clerk, Town of Troy