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CMP advises homeowners clean-up is utility’s job

Central Maine Power Company officials urge homeowners to resist the temptation to clear downed trees and limbs near power lines.

CMP wants customers to know that tree work can be very dangerous, and the utility is responsible for clearing trees, limbs, and other debris from power lines.

“We have tree crews doing that work, and customers are under absolutely no obligation to clear this debris from their home to the first utility pole,” said CMP spokesman John Carroll. “It is, and always has been, CMP’s responsibility to keep these corridors clear, and that includes the line that leads from the pole to the customer’s home.”

“It is also very dangerous for people to take on this kind of work when they don’t have the necessary training or equipment,” Carroll continued. “I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is for people to leave this work to the professionals who have the skills and training to do it safely and efficiently."