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what is maine’s voluntary renewable resources fund?

Maine’s Renewable Resources Fund offers you the opportunity to contribute to the development
of new renewable sources of energy. Your tax-deductible contribution is used to support our
universities and communities in researching and developing new ways to produce electricity
from renewable sources like wind, water, sun, wood, tides, fuel cells and geothermal energy. The Efficiency Maine Trust administers the fund and awards grants for various projects. Funding is also used for demonstration projects at non-profit organizations, municipalities, and schools and to promote rebates for cost-effective renewable energy technologies.

It’s an innovative approach to providing power, creating jobs and protecting the environment.


Sign up today and make a difference for tomorrow.
Maine's Renewable Resource Fund 

 YES!  I'd like to keep Maine's environment clean by exploring the use of new renewable resources.

Please fill out the form below and hit the "Submit" button, there is no need to print and mail the form.


Please add the following amount to my electricity delivery bill each month:

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I want to make a one time contribution by mail.  Please print and send a completed form to CMP along with your tax-deductable contribution with a check made payable to:

Central Maine Power Company

Maine's Renewable Resource Fund
83 Edison Drive
Augusta, Maine 04336
Att: Customer Billing Dept.

What does your donation offer you and your community?

  • Helps to develop promising new technologies which use renewable resources to generate electricity.
  • Invests in diverse energy sources to help maintain an adequate and reliable supply of electricity for the future.
  • Takes a step toward a cleaner, healthier environment for the people of Maine.
  • Increases Maine’s ability to attract federal or private funds.


How will your donation create clean energy for Maine?

Recently, newly funded projects include installation of PV and wind systems at Maine high schools,
colleges and community centers. These projects will provide clean, renewable electricity for schools and communities.

How does the fund work?

If you’d like to contribute, just fill out the form on the reverse side and return it to your electric utility
company. You can make a one-time donation or choose to give a set amount each month to be added to your electric bill. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Efficiency Maine distributes the money as rebates for cost-effective renewable energy technologies and as grants for projects that demonstrate the potential of electricity generation from renewable resources. Potential projects will benefit the community and educate the public by producing electricity through resources like solar, wind, hydro, tidal and biomass.

For more information about the Renewable Resources Fund, please contact Program Manager Dana
Fischer by phone, (207) 213-4162, or by e-mail, dana.fischer@efficiencymaine.com.

Twice a year, you’ll receive information about the Fund and a chance to check off a voluntary contribution to be added to your power bill each month. You can stop making the contribution at any time by calling your electric utility company at the customer service number listed on your bill. It helps create jobs, provide power, and protect Maine’s environment.

Maine’s Renewable Resource Fund

This Fund proudly supported by:

  • Maine Renewable Energy Association
  • Maine Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • League of Women Voters
  • Maine Global Climate Change
  • Maine Council of Churches
  • Natural Resources Council of Maine
  • Office of the Public Advocate
  • Central Maine Power Company
  • Bangor Hydro-Electric Company

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