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Monmouth Substation A Milestone for Maine Power Reliability Program and Iberdrola USA


AUGUSTA, Maine, May 31, 2012 — Central Maine Power achieved two milestones in the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP) last week when it energized a new substation in the town of Monmouth, Maine. The Monmouth Substation is the first new station built as part of the MPRP to go into service, and the first for CMP and Iberdrola USA to use the IEC-61850 “Smart Substation” digital platform.

“This is an important milestone for CMP, Iberdrola USA, and the MPRP project team,” said Doug Herling, CMP’s vice president for Special Projects. “Commissioning a new substation is a complex process, but integrating IEC-61850 Protection and Control technology added to the challenge. It’s a first for our company, and it gives us one of the most advanced substation protection and control platforms in the U.S.”

Following a ten-week commissioning process, the Monmouth Substation was energized on May 17 and began supplying power to communities in five central Maine counties: Androscoggin, Kennebec, Lincoln, Oxford, and Sagadahoc. The substation’s 115,000 volt bus is fed by two new transmission line sections protected by breakers. The substation has two transformers, each with 14 megavolt-ampere capacity. One transformer steps down the 115,000 volt current to 34,500 volts, and the other steps down the 115,000 volt current to 12,500 volts to supply local distribution circuits.

The IEC-61850 Protection and Control technology will be integrated with the company’s system controls to provide a new level of operational awareness for the utility, opening the door for automation and predictive-based maintenance. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a global leader in establishing international standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies. The IEC-61850 standard applies to substation automation systems and defines the communication protocols among protection and control devices within the substation and related utility control and protection systems.

The MPRP is Central Maine Power’s $1.4 billion investment to ensure the long-term reliability of its bulk power system. The project includes the construction of five new 345-kilovolt substations and related facilities linked by approximately 440 miles of new transmission lines. The first new 345,000 volt substation will be energized later this year. The new facilities will reinforce the backbone of the company’s 40-year-old bulk power system and create greater capacity for the integration of new generation in the New England region. The MPRP is the largest construction project ever undertaken in Maine. More than 2,700 people are employed directly in the construction, and a 2009 economic impact study projected that the construction spending would generate as many as 900 more jobs through indirect and induced employment. Begun in September of 2010, the company expects to complete construction in mid-2015.


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About Iberdrola USA: Iberdrola USA, a subsidiary of global energy leader Iberdrola, S.A., is an energy services and delivery company serving more than 2.4 million customers in upstate New York and New England. For more information about Iberdrola USA, visit