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CMP Donates Mud Pond Parcel in Monmouth to Stanton Bird Club


AUGUSTA, Maine, July 11, 2011 — Central Maine Power Company (CMP) has transferred 241 acres of land surrounding Mud Pond in Monmouth to the Stanton Bird Club, a Lewiston-based ornithological society. This transfer is one of 13 parcels of land totaling more than 4,600 acres which are part of CMP’s wetland mitigation and Compensation aspect of the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP), the $1.4 billion upgrade of its bulk electric transmission system.

“We are very excited about the Mud Pond property,” said Bruce Damon, Chairman of the Stanton Bird Club MPRP Committee. “We and other conservation groups have looked at the parcel for years and always thought it was a wonderful piece of land.”

“We are proud that we are not only improving the reliability of CMP’s grid for the future,” says Doug Herling, vice president of Special Projects for CMP, “but we are also helping to preserve land for future generations.”

The environmental benefit of the preservation of the property, which will be protected by covenants agreed upon by CMP, the DEP and the Stanton Bird club, is significant. It contains more than 7,407 feet of stream, 4,770 feet of shoreline, 71 acres of wetland (56 of which are significant vernal pool habitat and 63 are inland waterfowl and wading bird habitat), and 183 acres if indeterminate deer wintering area. The land borders the club’s existing Woodbury Pond Sanctuary, a portion of which will be developed into a new transmission corridor as a part of the MPRP.

“It’s 400 acres, it has a gorgeous pond, and it feels nothing like either of our other sanctuaries,” Damon said.

Other properties in the area are located in “upland,” and contain no wetland habitats, compared to Mud Pond, which has significant marsh. The land also protects the western side of the existing sanctuary while increasing the size and variety of habitat available for the club members.

“These are wonderful wetlands,” Damon said. “We’ve already seen a variety of migrating shore birds not present in our other sanctuaries.”

Damon adds that perhaps one of the most important aspects of the parcel is accessibility for the club members.

“The parcel is nice and flat and it allows our members greater access to new kinds of habitat that they haven’t enjoyed before,” he said.

The property will be open for passive recreational use with an aim to maintain the environmental integrity of the land. The club, bolstered by a $25,000 stewardship donation by CMP, can create parking, walking trails, and bird watching stations within the property for the use by the public. Damon said that the club is already working with other local conservation groups about developing educational programs at Mud Pond.

More than 430 miles of new transmission lines and five new transmission substations will be built during the next five years as a part of MPRP, creating thousands of jobs for hundreds of Maine companies while improving the reliability of the current electrical system. The MPRP spans 75 communities from Eliot to Orrington in 13 of Maine’s 16 counties, and expands the potential benefit of renewable energy sources for the state’s electric consumers.


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