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Crews in final stretch of outage restoration in York County

AUGUSTA, Maine, Dec. 17, 2008, 5 p.m. — Central Maine Power Co. (CMP) has restored service to nearly all homes and businesses in York County following last Friday’s ice storm. At 5 p.m., an estimated 350 customer accounts were without power. Part of that number represents new outages reported today, likely a result of the snow that came through York County this morning. Since Friday, crews have restored service to more than 219,600 customer accounts.

The company remains hopeful that power will be restored to the last of these customers by midnight, according to CMP spokesperson Gail Rice.

“Our crews have spent today restoring service to the most isolated customers throughout York County – including those on remote side roads, camp roads near lakes and ponds, and service cables to individual homes and businesses,” she said. “This is the most labor-intensive part of the restoration process, as each repair brings service back to just a small handful, or in some cases, a single customer. We will keep going until we have service back to everyone.”

CMP has received numerous requests for assistance from utilities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where tens of thousands of customers are still without power. With much of the tree removal work complete in York County, the company has begun releasing some tree crews from other utilities and private contractors in response to those requests.

CMP still has more than 600 people in the field and many more in Service Centers and call centers repairing damage, talking with customers, and performing other support roles.

Next update: 9:30 p.m.

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