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CMP installing energy-saving transformers

Company going the extra mile by replacing petroleum-based cooling oil with vegetable-based oil


Augusta, Maine, May 8, 2008 – Central Maine Power Company (CMP) expects to install nearly 8,000 new energy efficient distribution transformers in 2008. The company began using the energy-saving models last August in both new construction and to replace older units that fail. CMP adopted the new efficiency standard for its transformers nearly two years ahead of a schedule required by the U.S. Department of Energy.

CMP is also making the new transformers even more environmentally friendly by using vegetable-based cooling oil in the units instead of the traditional petroleum-based oil.

 “Our customers depend on us for reliable service and stable prices,” said Sara Burns, president of Central Maine Power. “Installing higher efficiency transformers will help us meet their expectations, while boosting efforts to reduce emissions from power plants. It’s a new technology that will benefit consumers and the environment.”

The new transformers are more efficient because they produce less heat as electricity passes through them, delivering more of the available electricity to meet growing customer demand. “It’s better for the environment to make our system more efficient than to ask generators to increase their output,” said Burns, “and that should save consumers money in the long-run, too.”

CMP has installed more than 1,000 energy efficient transformers with the new vegetable-based cooling oil since the beginning of the year. On average, each transformer is expected to displace more than 10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over the life of the equipment.  The distribution transformers are the familiar gray “cans” on utility poles – or pad-mounted units where power lines are underground – that reduce the voltage of electricity to levels suitable for use in homes and businesses.


About CMP: Central Maine Power, a subsidiary of Energy East Corporation, operates more than 25,000 miles of power lines and other facilities that deliver electricity to 80 percent of Maine’s population. Web site:

About Energy East: Energy East Corporation is a respected, super-regional energy services and delivery company serving about 3 million customers throughout upstate New York and New England. By providing outstanding customer service and meeting customers’ energy requirements in an environmentally responsible manner, Energy East will continue to be a valuable asset to the communities we serve.