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We're making improvements to better serve your communities

We know you count on us to provide you with the power you need, when you need it, and we take that responsibility seriously.  This year, we're investing more than $160 million in our electricity delivery system.


All these upgrades mean one thing for you − that you'll have reliable, high-quality power when you need it.


Flip a switch and we're there!


2010 Local Area Improvements:


  • New Gloucester - Our crews recently completed a major upgrade in the New Gloucester area. The upgrade will enhance system reliability for homes and businesses in the area.
  • Pittsfield - Our crews completed an upgrade that will enhance system reliability to homes and businesses in the Pittsfield area. The upgrade will help us restore power faster in the event of a storm.
  • Augusta: We recently completed a major upgrade in the North Augusta/Bond Brook area.  The upgrade will enhance system reliability for local homes and businesses. It will also support the expansion of the campus at the University of Maine, Augusta and increase capacity for additional business growth and developmentl along Civic Center Drive.
  • Paris:  Our crews recently completed a major upgrade to improve system reliability in the High Street area of Paris.  The upgrade will lead to improvements in power quality and to fewer power interruptions.
  • Enhanced Reliability for Mid-Coast Customers: Our crews recently completed a major upgrade to enhance system reliability on the Five Islands Road in Georgetown. This upgrade will lead to fewer power interruptions and help CMP crews restore power more quickly when there is an outage.

2009 Local Area Improvements:

  • Boothbay: Central Maine Power Company (CMP) is moving into the final stages of a large project to enhance system reliability for homes and businesses in the Midcoast area from Newcastle and Damariscotta through Edgecomb to Boothbay Harbor. More...
  • Heywood Road Switch yard: Central Maine Power Company (CMP) new Heywood Road Switchyard in Benton is up and running, providing reliable electric delivery service to business and residential customers in the Benton, Winslow, and Skowhegan areas.  More...
  • South Gorham Substation: Another milestone was reached early this morning in a major project to upgrade southern Maine’s electric grid, as Central Maine Power Company (CMP) contractors moved a massive auto-transformer to the Company’s South Gorham Substation on Straw Road.  More...
  • Midcoast Area: Residents and businesses in several Midcoast communities should experience more reliable electricity delivery service this summer, after Central Maine Power Company’s (CMP) completion of a major system-enhancement project.  More...
  • Topsham Area: Central Maine Power Company (CMP) crews have begun work on a project that should enhance the reliability of its electricity delivery system in the Topsham area. More...