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We're making improvements to better serve your communities

We know you count on us to provide you with the power you need, when you need it, and we take that responsibility seriously. We invest in our electricity delivery system every year to keep it in top working order for  homes and businesses across our service area.

All these upgrades mean one thing for you − that you'll have reliable, high-quality power when you need it.


Flip a switch and we're there!


Recent Upgrades to Your Service:


  • Kennebec and Waldo Counties: A new substation in South China and an additional distribution circuit serving the towns of China, Freedom, Liberty, Palermo, Vassalboro, and Windsor were recently put into service. The new substation and circuit will provide more capacity and better reliability for homes and businesses in the region. Our investment is part of a much larger program to modernize our facilities and keep pace with growing demand.
  • Lewiston: We reached a milestone on our Lewiston Loop project in August of 2017 when the new Middle Street Substation was put into service. We continue to work on other parts of the project, which includes a new five-mile line feeding the Middle Street facility from CMP’s Larrabee Road Substation, a new one-mile underground transmission line, upgrades at the Lewiston Lower Substation, and other improvements designed to enhance reliability in the Lewiston-Auburn area.
  • Islesboro: CMP installed a new three-mile undersea cable to serve the Penobscot Bay island community in 2016. As we planned this upgrade, Islesboro officials asked if a fiber optic line could be added to support the town’s efforts to improve internet service on the island. Since then, Island property owners approved a $3.8 million bond to design and build the network and construction is under way.
  • York County: A project to enhance service to communities in southwestern York County is now complete. The Berwick Area Reinforcement Project includes new substations in Lebanon, Berwick, and Sanford, connected with new transmission lines. Now customers in the Berwick area should experience fewer service interruptions and quicker service recovery when outages do occur. These investments also provide additional capacity to support residential and business growth well into the future.