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We know you count on us to provide you with the power you need, when you need it, and we take that responsibility seriously.  This year, we're investing $276 million (projected) in our electricity delivery system.


All these upgrades mean one thing for you − that you'll have reliable, high-quality power when you need it.


Flip a switch and we're there!


2014 Local Area Improvements:


  • Portland: We recently completed a $12.6 million upgrade to Portland’s Union Street Substation, which serves portions of downtown Portland, the Old Port, and the city’s East End. The upgraded substation includes new gas-insulated switchgear, which has a smaller footprint, is more resistant to weather, and requires less maintenance than traditional equipment. Crews also installed a new power transformer, modified the existing power transformers, upgraded electrical system controls and protection, and improved the underground power distribution network that serves the downtown area and the Old Port. New hardware and software brings the facility up to 21st century standards without the disruption of building a new station. These upgrades will ensure reliability for area homes and businesses well into the future.
  • Livermore Falls: We recently put our upgraded Livermore Falls Substation into service. The $17 million project is part of CMP’s $1.4 billion Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP). The facility now has the capacity to interconnect five 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission lines that supply the distribution network serving communities Androscoggin, Franklin, Kennebec, and Oxford counties. The facility includes eight new 115 kV breakers, a new control house, and a fully integrated state-of-the-art communication system.
  • York County: CMP continues work on a project that will enhance service to communities in southwestern York County. Crews began construction in 2013 on new substations in Lebanon, Berwick, and Sanford — all part of the $42.5 million Berwick Area Reinforcement Project. Along with the substation work, crews are building new 34.5 kV transmission lines to enhance service in the area. Once the reinforcements are complete, customers in the Berwick area should experience fewer service interruptions and quicker service when outages do occur. These investments will also provide additional capacity to support growth well into the future.
  • Somerset County: CMP has begun work on a $24.5 million project to rebuild the Lakewood Substation in southeastern Madison, rebuild four miles of existing 115 kV transmission line from Madison to Cornville, and build four miles of new 115 kV transmission line through the same Madison-to-Cornville corridor. This investment will enhance reliability and prepare the system for new residential and business growth in the area.