Giving Back 
corporate sponsorship

Central Maine Power Company (CMP) has a long history of service to communities where it does business.  We’re  proud to provide corporate contributions to selected non-profit initiatives.

CMP contributes primarily to schools or educational enrichment programs that raise math, science, and technology achievement or that support aspirations for educational and career achievement. We favor organizations or programs that serve schools or students in communities throughout our service area and that have a proven record of success.

Request Corporate Sponsorship
Requests for corporate contributions and sponsorships should be in writing and include the following information:

  1. Name, address, phone number and a brief description of your organization.
  2. Amount of money requested, a brief explanation of the project or program for which you want funding, and the program budgets.
  3. Send request to: John Gaudet Jr., Government Relations, CMP, 83 Edison Drive, Augusta, ME 04336.

Our Corporate Contributions Committee reviews all requests and will contact applicants by mail with a decision.

Because CMP also supports important social and family services through the annual United Way campaign, we do not accept solicitation from participating United Way agencies. We are also unable to grant requests from individuals. The social and economic vitality of the area we serve directly affects our business, so we strive towards a giving program directed to non-profit organizations working in or around our service area.

In addition to providing financial assistance to selected non-profit organizations, CMP supports its employees' volunteer efforts. CMP employees are coaches, mentors, and scout leaders; they are volunteer firefighters, EMTs, and help with disaster relief; they serve food at soup kitchens and deliver meals to the homebound; and they are active in a variety of community-based theater, music, and arts organizations.