Usage and Safety 
utility poles

People often ask if it's all right to attach signs or other objects to a utility pole. Please don't. It creates a safety hazard, and could lead to a fine of up to $100.

Why are pole attachments a safety issue? Although electric, phone, cable-TV and other workers who need access to poles most often use bucket trucks, some jobs or some terrain may require that workers climb or otherwise contact the pole.

Nails, tacks, screws, and staples left in a pole from attaching signs or other objects can cause life-threatening rips in insulating gloves, tear clothing, cut workers, or lead to other accidents that could hurt people and interrupt service.

The potential hazards from unauthorized pole attachments are serious enough that the Maine Legislature has acted on them. Attaching anything to a utility pole without permission of the owner is a civil offense that can draw a fine of up to $100. (The offense, "Trespass on a utility pole," is described in Title 35-A of Maine statutes, Chapter 23, Section 2310.)

Signs for yard sales, parties, or other events should be put on stakes or other safe locations -- not on utility poles. CMP wishes you good luck with your event, and appreciates your cooperation in maintaining safe facilities for our employees and our customers.