Tree Care

Taking care of trees and power lines go hand-in-hand

We are proud to deliver reliable, essential electricity service. When service is interrupted, it is most often due to a tree contacting power lines. To minimize interruptions, we prune and remove trees and vegetation in our rights of ways and encourage planting the right tree in the right place. Learn more below.

Distribution System

The power lines that deliver electricity to your homes and businesses. 

Transmission System

Learn more about our extensive network of transmission lines and power line corridors. 

Tree Care Schedule

Our Tree Care Program helps prevent outages. We may be working in your neighborhood this year! 

Additional Information

Tree Care FAQs

Why do we invest in a Tree Care Program? Who performs our tree work? These and other questions are answered below.


  • Do you offer storm assistance?  
  • How do we restore power?  
  • How do I find out when my power will be restored?  
  • What should I do to prepare for a storm?  
  • How do I report an outage?