Some Photos of Storm Damage and Recovery



Here are some photos of storm damage and recovery efforts.

A drone from contractor Coutts Brothers Inc. of Randolph patrols a remote transmission line. This is just one way we are using new technologies to help us perform system assessment more safely and efficiently.

Here is what the Coutts Brothers drone found while patrolling in Somerset County -- an evergreen tree on a transmission line near Skowhegan. Using a drone to find these problems saves many hours of patrolling on foot or via ATV, and allows us to gather the resources we need to fix the problem efficiently.



CMP lineworkers encounter difficult travel conditions while repairing storm damage in Augusta.

CMP lineworker Garrett Couturier repairs storm damage in Augusta.



A Canadian crew, escorted by a CMP field worker, gets ready to repair storm damage on a snow-covered road in Monmouth.


Bucket trucks carrying line crews from our AVANGRID affiliate United Illuminating get ready to head north from Connecticut to Maine.


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