Installation Checklists

The Right Steps for You

Make the installation process as smooth as possible by using a checklist to map out the steps. Select a checklist below based on the type of installation you require.

  • Permanent Electric Service
    This checklist will walk you through the steps required to install new, permanent electric service. Find out more
  • Temporary Electric Service
    Arrange for temporary electric service by following the steps on this checklist. Find out more
  • CMP-Built Line Extension
    Arrange for a CMP built line extension using this checklist. Find out more
  • Privately-Built Line Extension
    If you are installing a private line extension, use this checklist to meet all of our requirements for service. Find out more


  • Can I enroll in AutoPay Service?  
  • What options do I have to pay my bill?  
  • Can I pay the same amount each month?  
  • What options do I have to purchase my electricity supply?