RNS Downloads

Please click here to download the current RNS Loads for Central Maine Power.  The RNS loads are presented here for informational purposes only and may not represent load used in determining a bill.  RNS includes Revenue Quality Metering for all generation and net ties excluding the PSNH and BHE flow within CMP's service territory.

Links to Download Historical Hourly Data

Previous Year RNS Loads (2022)

Previous Year RNS Loads (2021)

Previous Year RNS Loads (2020)

Instantaneous Network Load

The above real time load is based on generation and interface values for which CMP has SCADA metering, including PSNH and BHE tie points.  Approximately 40 Settlement Only Generators (SOG) are not equipped with SCADA. 

Link to Download Hourly Data Without SCADA

2020 Hourly Small Gen Without SCADA xlsx

2019 Hourly Small Gen Without SCADA xlsx

Link to Download Hourly PTF Loss

2020_Hourly_PTF_Loss xlsx

2019_Hourly_PTF_Loss xlsx

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