Building and Remodeling

If you're interested in obtaining electrical service at your home or business, please call our Customer Relations Center at 800.750.4000 for residential service and 800.565.3181 for commercial/industrial service. Our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you obtain new service or disconnect an existing service. View our information for a poly-phase line extension.
You can start your project with these resources. 

Installation checklists

Whether you're installing a new permanent, temporary, or privately built line, make sure you complete all the steps in the new installation process with our handy checklists.
  • Permanent Electric Service
    This checklist will walk you through the steps required to install new, permanent electric service. Find out more
  • Temporary Electric Service
    Arrange for temporary electric service by following the steps on this checklist. Find out more
  • CMP-Built Line Extension
    Arrange for a CMP built line extension using this checklist. Find out more
  • Privately-Built Line Extension
    If you are installing a private line extension, use this checklist to meet all of CMP's requirements for service. Find out more
Contributions in Aid of Construction (CIAC) tax is a federal tax assessed to CMP on payments from customers for line extensions and on the fair market value of a private line extension provided to CMP.
CMP’s line extension rates for CMP-built residential, single phase and polyphase line extensions includes an adder to cover this tax.
Customers conveying a privately built line to CMP also must pay the CIAC tax adder. CMP applies the CIAC tax amount to the amount of the private line invoice (excluding trenching, backfill, and conduit associated with underground line projects).

The CIAC tax adder is currently 15%.

Forms and permits

If you need to get new service established at your home or business, please use these forms and resources.
  • After a Fire or Flood
    When you're ready to reconnect after a fire or flood, this form assures us the electricity can be safely turned on.
  • Municipal Inspectors
    Before energizing new service, CMP requires the approval of local electrical inspectors in municipalities that have them.
  • Form 1190
    Certify that you have the necessary subdivision and shoreline zoning permits.
  • Easement Worksheet
    Gather the information you'll need to prepare an Easement to CMP for new service.
  • Form 1360
    Certify that your single-family home has been inspected by a state or local inspector, master electrician, or limited electrician in house wiring prior to receiving new service.
  • Distribution Construction Standards (PDF)

Getting Connected

This PDF file contains all of the  checklists, forms, and other resources listed above and will walk you through the process of installing new electric service. 





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