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Your electricity bill has two parts: delivery and supply. CMP is your electricity delivery company; we maintain wires and poles, read your meter and restore power during an outage.

CMP Vice President of Customer Service, Linda Ball explains the rates on your bill in this video

You can choose who supplies the electricity delivered to you by CMP. Competitive electricity providers (CEPs or suppliers) supply power to Maine homes and businesses. CMP is required by statue to inclulde the supply charges on your electricity bill and to pass your payments on to suppliers.

If you do not choose a CEP, your supply will be provided by the Standard Offer, which is determined by the MPUC through an annual competitive bidding process.

Standard Offer

Customers may choose to purchase energy from the Standard Offer or may choose to purchase energy from an approved (CEP). Any customer who does not choose a CEP will default to Standard Offer service.

Shop for a competitive electricity provider

For a list of licensed providers, please visit the MPUC website or call the Maine Public Utilities Commission at 207.287.3831, see the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA) website, or contact the OPA at 207.624.3687.

Please note: if you wish to make a payment directly to your CEP, please send a separate payment to their address. Please do not include it in your return envelope to CMP.

Thanks to your smart meter, you may also provide suppliers a view of your hourly usage by enrolling in the Electricity Supplier Marketplace. Licensed electricity suppliers may use that information to offer you pricing plans and programs customized for the way you use electricity.

CMP is prohibited by law from recommending electricity suppliers to customers. If you choose to shop for a supplier, we suggest you should understand the terms of the contract with the supplier you choose, including the rate per kWh, when and by how much the rate is subject to change, how long you are committing to purchase from the supplier, and whether or not the supplier may will charge an early termination fee if you choose to end the contract prior to the expiration date. For additional considerations when choosing a supplier, visit the MPUC website.

This drawing above illustrates the Maine electric delivery system.


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